Oluline is a natural skin care collection established in 2015 out of a passion to avoid the use of conventional beauty products that contain synthetic chemicals and additives. It is a  proudly Canadian company that strives to produce the highest quality natural skin care products that nourish the skin creating a radiant and healthy glow.  The products are free from harmful chemical fragrances, GMO ingredients, parabens, phthalates, sulphates and artificial dyes that are known to have a negative impact on the environment and our health.   Oluline products have the added benefit of therapeutic grade essential oils which are known for their healing properties and profound effect on emotional wellbeing.   Oluline Natural Skin Care has been carefully formulated using raw and natural ingredients (organic whenever possible) with your family's health and wellness in mind.


Oluline was launched by Tara Mihkelson, wife and mother of three children.  Since becoming pregnant with her first child, she started concerning herself with the health and wellness of her family.  At a young age Tara and her sister were diagnosed with thyroid disorders with no family history that could explain it.  There was a time during their childhood they lived on a farm that used pesticides to spray their crops.  It wasn’t until Tara started concerning herself with the harmful effects of the environment on personal health, that she considered the possibility of the correlation between pesticide use and thyroid issues. After discovering that pesticides are known to cause endocrine disruption in children, Tara became an advocate for holistic healthy living.  The largest organ in the body is our skin and Tara is passionate about what we put on it.  Oluline means ‘Essential’  in Estonian and Tara is committed to developing natural skin care products that contain essential ingredients to maintain healthy and radiant skin, without the harmful effects of synthetic ingredients.

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Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

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