Baby Massage & Body Oil (130ml)

Use to indulge baby's skin with a gentle massage after a bath or before bed to help calm your baby. During pregnancy, this oil helps nourish, moisturize and support your growing belly. Its healing properties help minimize the appearance of stretch marks.  The oil is a plant based, non-toxic product, making it safe to use on mommas to be and babies.




Baby Massage & Body Oil (130ml)

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Dispense 1-2 pumps onto your hands and rub together to warm oil.  Apply to baby starting at navel working in a clockwise direction towards the limbs for a gentle infant moisturizing massage.  During pregnancy, oil can be applied two to three times daily with light circular movements over stomach and breasts to help minimize the appearance of strechmarks. As this is a natural product, store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.


Sensible cautions: 

If rash or irritation occurs, discontinue use.

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